Our Airdrie Clinic Facilities

Reception and Waiting Room

First impressions are valuable, and when you first enter our Airdrie Clinic, you’re greeted with a newly updated waiting and reception area that will put you at ease, and ensure you’re completely comfortable during your time at our clinic.

We typically schedule appointments in advance, but it may be that we have an emergency situation. If this occurs, our staff always works to fit in these emergency patients in a timely manner.

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Treatment Areas

When you receive your dental treatment, you’ll be in an operatory room, featuring comfortable, luxurious dental chairs. Your room is also equipped with cable TV or Internet radio, to create a calming and soothing setting.

Additionally, the room’s TV can be used to show digital x-rays, allowing you to be educated about your dental health and care.


One of our top priorities, aside from providing impeccable care, is the implementation of the very best safety and sterilization procedures.

Our dental assistants are responsible for ensuring the complete sterility and cleanliness of our facility, and our sterilization room is state-of-the-art in order to guarantee complete compliance with the Alberta Dental Association and College.

Digital x-ray

With the use of highly advanced digital x-ray technology, we’re able to reduce the amount of radiation you’re exposed to and also see possible conditions or points of concern in much greater detail.It’s also a significantly more expedient process, since there’s no need to develop x-ray films, and all data is saved digitally, ensuring accuracy and easy communication between various care providers.