The Staff at Beddington Dental Clinic

Beddington Dental Clinic Staff

Our professional, dedicated staff is what sets Bedding Dental Clinic apart from other dentistry practices in the area. Along with our seven highly trained and expert dentists making up our group practice, we also have a full staff of professionals that allow us to provide you a safe, comfortable and efficient environment.

Our Hygiene Team

Hygiene Team at Beddington Dental Clinic

Our dental hygienists have undergone rigorous training and education, with a particular focus on gum tissue therapy.

Our hygiene team can spot abnormalities in your teeth and gums, and all of your routine dental cleanings also include their evaluation of your overall oral health, specifically signs or symptoms of a potential problem.

Our hygienists work together with our dentists to ensure you get a thorough cleaning and screening, and they can even spot signs of serious issues like oral cancer or infectious diseases, while simultaneously working to keep your mouth clean of tartar and plaque.


Dental Assistant Team at Beddington Dental Clinic

Our Dental Assistant Team

At Beddington Dental Clinic, our dental assistant team is comprised of registered dental assistants (RDA), which assist the dentists in clinical treatments.

This means they prepare instruments, and ensure everything is properly cleaned and sterilized.

The dental assistant team at Beddington Dental Clinic allows your dentist to work efficiently, making sure your valuable time is preserved.

Our Office Team

Office Team at Beddington Dental ClinicAt Beddington Dental Clinic, we want to ensure you have an outstanding experience from the moment you walk in the door, to the second you leave.That’s where our office team comes in.We have a full staff of front office coordinators, office administrators, and receptionists. They all work together to offer you warm, friendly faces, knowledgeable resources, and accuracy.



Our office administrator and senior administrator is Kristen Pittman, who was an RDA for a number of years before she entered into the administrative side of dentistry. She loves working with patients and has been a member of the Beddington team for more than 10 years.