Make haste! Don’t waste!

That time of year is almost upon us: the weeks spent shopping for the perfect gift for a loved one, evenings spent baking yummy goodies, children telling Santa what they absolutely need for Christmas (because not having a PlayStation 4 can actually kill someone, you know), and, of course, the end of annual dental insurance […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Extraction vs. Surgical Extraction

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt; if they are not removed in time, they can cause a multitude of complications, including damage and shifting to other teeth. Because they are located in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean, thus promoting bacterial […]

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are a mixture of tooth-colored glass and plastic and are used to restore decayed or broken teeth. Calgary Dental Clinics in Calgary, AB provides high-quality cosmetic services, including composite fillings. Most adults strive to attain a perfect smile; with professional services like the ones offered at the Beddington and Richmond clinics, you can […]

When to Schedule Your Child’s First Visit to the Family Dentist

Teething is both a parent and a child’s worst nightmare. With new teeth developing around the clock, it can be painful to your child and overwhelming to you as a parent. Your child will began developing teeth in their first year of life, leaving many parents wondering when they should schedule their child’s first visit […]

What are the Differences between Dental Crowns and Bridges?

When in comes to restorative dentistry, dental crowns and bridges are two widely used procedures that successfully repair missing, broken, or decayed teeth. Although both dental crowns and bridges are a solution to some of the same problems, there are specific benefits to each that may fit your needs better. Calgary Dental Clinics in Calgary, […]

Signs It May Be Time to Consider Braces

The decision to wear braces or not will depend on a number of important factors. Braces are highly recommended for some due to the beneficial effects they have towards dental health. They are mainly used to fix developmental problems in teeth. Without them, dental health and aesthetics can be severely damaged. Here are signs that […]

Is Oral Surgery Safe during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is exhausting on a woman’s entire body, and this includes her teeth. If you plan to have children or are expecting, it is good to be informed of the possible problems that pregnancy has on your oral health; you may also be wondering if it is safe to undergo oral surgery during pregnancy. Calgary […]

How Often Should You Use Teeth Whitening Treatments

There is nothing more appealing than a beautiful smile. Over time, the foods and drinks we consume leave stains behind, along with other miscellaneous wear and tear over the years. If you feel you’ve lost your bright, white smile, you should consider seeking treatment. The premier teeth whitening service offered by Calgary Dental Clinics in […]

Five Fortifying Foods That Will Strengthen Your Teeth without Dental Work

Most adults will agree that an attractive smile is one of the best assets a person can have; therefore, it is important to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. A healthy diet is crucial if you wish to protect your pearly whites against gum disease and tooth decay. Fortunately, there are foods you can […]

Enhance Your Smile with Lumineers and Dental Veneers

When we think of a perfect, Hollywood-style smile, Lumineers and dental veneers often come to mind. Both Lumineers and dental veneers are considered cosmetic dentistry; they can eliminate the appearance of gaps and chips, give teeth a more uniform look, correct discoloration, and correct a crooked smile. These two options are usually used synonymously, but […]