Emergency Care—Dentistry When You Need It Most

Sometimes, the most difficult situations in life are the ones that occur unexpectedly, and this includes dental care.

When you do encounter an emergency dental scenario, where do you turn?

When an emergency dental situation occurs, it can be embarrassing, produce anxiety and perhaps worst of all, can be incredibly painful. While a situation requiring the care of an emergency dentist may be rare, you want a clinic that provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing care is there, if it becomes necessary.

Many dentists offer limited office hours and don’t have the availability of emergency appointments, but that’s what sets us apart at Calgary Dental Clinics.

We have resources dedicated to helping you deal with your dental emergency in a timely, efficient way so you can get back to your daily life. We make every effort to fit in our emergency patients as quickly as possible, and we even offer extended hours on weekdays, and weekend hours as well.

The Importance of Seeing an Emergency Dentist Quickly

If you’re not able to receive immediate, emergency treatment, the result can often be the development of a more severe dental problem, and the potential of having to undergo a more complex or expensive treatment or surgery—making it imperative you do contact us right away if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.

Common Dental Emergencies

While our emergency dental services are comprehensive and can encompass all of our general dentistry treatments, some of the common reasons you may need to see an emergency dentist include tooth or gum pain, swelling in the face or jaw, trauma, which is a frequent occurrence for not just adults but also children, chipped or broken teeth, as well as the loss of a tooth or a dental implant.

Regardless of the reason you’re experiencing an emergency dental situation, call Calgary Dental Clinics and we’ll work with you to ensure you receive treatment in a prompt manner.

Don’t let a dental emergency sideline you, or cause you to lose sleep at night, when you have a valuable resource just a phone call away.